Meet our instructors from previous years!

Lenny Maier – Electric Guitar

Hey guys! My name is Lenny and I am very pulenmped to be teaching some electric guitar at this year’s first GRCS! I started playing guitar when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It was so much fun, I couldn’t stop. Over the years, I have learned from many great guitar players. I joined my first band in high school. We were called A.K.A. and we played punk songs. We were horrible! I also played in a band called Johnny Grit for about 5 years. We played rock’n’roll, and it was awesome. Sometimes my sister and I will play shows as well. We are called The Maier Sisters. I can’t wait to rock out with you guys at GRCS this year. It’s gonna be rad! See you in August!


Shelby Gaudet – Electric Guitar

shelbyrsz_3shelby01_2Hi my name is Shelby Gaudet.  I am an owner of Spectrum Hair Studio and I sing and play guitar in my band Powder Blue.  I have 3 cats, my favourite color is black and I like BBQ! I have been playing musical instruments since I can remember.  I’m very passionate about music and can’t wait to be a part of GRCS!



Amber Kraft – Drums

I am very excited to teach drums at GRCS! After learning clarinet at a young age, I soon changed to something louder, much amberlouder. I started playing drums in high school and I currently play in my band Powder Blue. I love my instrument and I’ve been fortunate tohave been able to travel around the world playing music. I taught drums for five years at The Saskatoon Academy of Music where I particularly loved teaching the girls. I am very excited to be part of GRCS! This is gonna be a fun week!



Brenda Jackson – Drums

I have always enjoyed playing music, except when my mom forced me to practice piano lessons! I switched to acoustic guitar in high school and started playing electric guitar about six years agBrenda Jackson GRCS photoo. When I finished nursing school in 2010 I started to learn to play the drums–something I’d often wanted to do but was finally ready to try. After a few weeks of fooling around on my old roommate’s drum kit, I approached a member of the Seahags to see if they might want to add a drummer to their mix of guitar, banjo, and mandolin. I was welcomed with open arms and my life changed forever. Being part of an all-girl-group was an incredible thrill and I learned so much about music, performance, touring, and the business end of things…not to mention personal growth from being friends and bandmates with five other strong and independent women! I took drumming lessons from Arlan Kopp for a few months and he was incredibly helpful in teaching me new styles, as well as helping to correct some of my bad habits. I’m proud of being able to sing and drum at the same time. The Seahags have since disbanded and I have started a new project called Quinzee Town in which I play electric guitar and sing lead vocals. I also sing backup vocals with The River Sisters and drum in a blues group called JacksonVille. It is my personal goal to expand my drumming skills to different genres, particularly punk. I am super excited to be involved in Saskatoon’s first Girls Rock Camp!!


Sonia Dickin – Bass Guitar

sonzMy name is Sonia Dickin and I have been playing music, listening to music, collecting music and going to concerts most of my life. I play the electric guitar, sing and song write in The Moas, I play bass and sing backup vocals in Powder Blue, and I play guitar and sing in Pearson. My favourite food is tacos, and my favourite lady who rocks is Kim Deal from the Pixies and The Breeders. Let’s get loud!


Brynn Krysa – Bass Guitar

brynnkI started my journey as a bassist when I was 13 years old. I decided to learn the stand up bass, so I started taking private lessons and eventually joined the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra. I played stand up bass throughout high school and when I was 15 I picked up the bass guitar. I joined my first band when I was 17 and since then I have had the opportunity to play with many talented and diverse musicians. I play gigs around Saskatoon regularly with my own bands as well as a hired bassist. I have also had the opportunity to tour around Canada many times and have loved every minute of it! I cannot wait to participate in the first-ever Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon and to share my passion for music with the campers!


Karen Gwillim – Vocals

Karen Gwillim is a singer, voice coach, audio technician. Originally from Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, Karen holds her Grade 9 Singing Certificate from the Royal CoKaren Yorktonnservatory of Music, and a Diploma in Music Performance in voice from the Grant MacEwan College contemporary music program. She is also an audio technician with Telemiracle, the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Regina Folk Festival, the Bassment, and at theBroadway Theatre in Saskatoon.

Karen has recently returned to performing, joining the Saskatoon Eclipse Chorus for their 2014 Anniversary concert in May, and is excited to be performing the role of “Joanne” in the Saskatoon Summer Players’ upcoming production of Rent in November.

Karen is looking forward to working with the talented team of leaders and campers at GRCS!


Elsa Gebremichael – Vocals

imageI’ve been a part of Saskatoon’s musical community for over 15 years now. Currently playing in two local bands – We Were Lovers (Lead Vox & Keys) and Powder Blue (Keys & BG Vox), I’ve have been fortunate enough to have toured with these projects throughout North America as well as Europe.  Writing and performing music is my truest passion and playing in bands started when I was in 10th grade.  My introduction to music (other than singing and dancing to songs in my family living room) was through piano lessons, school band (flute), choir and vocal jazz, aaaand a bit of dabbling on guitar and drums.  Stoked to be a part of the first Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon!


Mairin Loewen – Keys, OrganizerIMG-20140724-WA0005

My name is Mairin and I’m excited to teach keyboards at Girls Rock Camp this summer! I started playing piano when I was about 4, and then I learned to play the celtic harp and the trombone when I was older. Right now I am learning to play the bass. I like playing lots of different kinds of music: jazz, orchestral, and rock and roll, but playing music with your friends is the best! Can’t wait to make music together at camp!


Jeanette Stewart – Keys

rsz_jbzphoto_2Hi, my name is 
Jeanette Stewart. Some people call me Jeans Boots. I’ve been playing music and putting on shows since I was about three years-old. I play in two bands and one hip-hop crew and have been fortunate enough to tour the world performing music. I’ve also dabbled in journalism, most notably working for The StarPhoenix and I currently do various odd-jobs and practice yoga. I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan called Rockglen and now I live in Saskatoon. I’m very excited to be part of Girls Rock Camp because I know the 7-year-old me would have loved it so much.


Alison Whelan – Organizer, volunteer coordinator

IMG_5247Hi everyone! My name is Alison and I’m so excited to be working on Saskatoon’s first Girls Rock Camp!  At camp I will be doing a little bit of everything and you can always track me down to talk, answer questions, and help with whatever you need. I have played instruments since I was a little kid and music is one of the most important things in my life.  As a young classical pianist I had a lot of great opportunities but one thing I didn’t really have was a place where I felt safe to make mistakes–I needed Girls Rock Camp too!

During the day I work at the Broadway Theatre, and when I’m not at work I like biking, singing, cooking for friends, gardening, playing frisbee, and, if I get the chance, fishing. I’m in a Pixies tribute band called Death to the Pixies (I play bass–really loudly!) and am learning to write my own music.  I can’t wait to meet all our campers and have an insane amount of fun!