GRCS Committee Descriptions

GRS Committee Descriptions – 2018/2019


Registration Committee

Purpose: To coordinate the application and registration processes and act as a liaison between parents and camp.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • Confirms method and logistics of registration, including application and registration dates, with Exec by January
  • Issues a survey for parents and/or campers to fill out during registration (and then to fill out post-camp)
  • Coordinates application/registration process in Feb/March
  • Creates receipts for parents when registration money comes in
  • Makes initial contact with campers’ parents/guardians/caregivers to ensure they have everything they need for their child to attend camp (e.g. transportation, funding, etc.)
  • Creates “welcome” packages for campers in May, mail them beginning of June
  • In June, assembles registration package for first day of camp
  • Coordinates logistics of first day registration
  • Collects and compiles surveys post-camp
  • Throughout the year, triages questions from parents

Peak periods: This committee will be very busy from January to March, and again for two months leading up to camp (May & June).

Key roles:


  • Works closely with Exec on registration process and materials, collection of registration moneys, and surveys
  • Works as a liaison between Girls Rock Saskatoon and community partners like Creative Kids.
  • Works with Marketing and Communications to advertise application/registration process and create any necessary online forms
  • Works with Programming Committee to create materials for “welcome” package for campers


Programming Committee

Purpose: To develop the curriculum for camp weeks, organizing camp week workshops & activities in accordance with core values.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • Keeps a long list of possible contributors to camp as workshop facilitators
  • Maintains positive working relationship with community programming partners like recording studios, and confirms availability as early as possible
  • Determines shell camp schedule by April
  • Communicates with Exec/Treasurer in regards to the programming budget
  • Begins to reach out and confirm availability of specific workshop leaders in May, and has all workshops confirmed by early June
  • Books performing artists for lunchtime during camp week
  • The committee’s work gets busier as camp approaches. Potential members should expect to meet monthly
  • Even though the Programming Committee exists to work on the content of camp, it is not necessary for committee members to be available as camp-week volunteers (though some overlap between committee/camp-week is desirable)

Peak periods: This committee will do piecemeal work throughout the planning year, but Programming Committee is busiest in the period between registration (usually March) and camp (July)

Key roles:

  • Curriculum development
  • Facilitator booking
  • Marketing Liason
  • Artist outreach


  • Works closely with Exec to ensure that core values are being followed, budgets are being followed, and groups/individuals are paid
  • Works closely with outside groups and individuals, including recording studios, musical instrument rental partners, and workshop providers
  • Works with Registration & Volunteer committees to share information as required
  • Works with local artists and organizers to bring in positive role models during camp


Fundraising Committee

Purpose: To meet short and long term fundraising goals through soliciting donations, writing grant applications, and coordinating events.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • No specific dates related to camp itself
  • Determines annual fundraising schedule by December
  • Applies for external grant funding and handles reporting as outlined by funders
  • Works within deadlines of outside funding groups and individuals (e.g. for completing grant applications)
  • Creates events throughout the year intended to raise awareness of GRS and solicit donations

Peak periods: In order to meet some known funding deadlines and plan for the upcoming year, this committee will be busiest from January to June


  • Works closely with the Exec for guidance and suggestions
  • Works closely with Treasurer to determine funding goals for the year and budget for one-off events
  • Works closely with outside funding groups and individuals to solicit donations
  • Works with Marketing and Communications to advertise fundraising events

Key roles:

  • Researchers for potential external funding sources
  • Grant writers for application for external funding
  • Event organizers for fundraising events
  • Community outreach for potential sponsorship development


  • Works closely with marketing to promote fundraising events
  • Works closely with executive to execute fundraising plan in line with budgetary needs
  • Works closely with volunteer committee to get volunteers for events


Marketing and Communications Committee

Purpose: To be the “voice” of girls rock camp, providing messaging consistent with core values and mandate; to support the committees by managing the website, GRCS media presence, and camp/event promotion.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • This committee will work upon request of other committees, so the work tends to be reactive instead of proactive
  • In Jan/Feb, works with Registration to advertise application/registration process
  • Works with Fundraising and Volunteer Committees on individual events
  • Maintains the website throughout the year
  • Coordinates a flurry of media activity leading up to and during camp weeks
  • In charge of branding and merchandise, including seeking out artists for design of yearly camp logo

Peak periods: This committee will be busy in January and February, assisting Registration with advertising the camp application/registration process. May until June will also be busy, with raising awareness of camp weeks. Other than that, this committee will work on piecemeal projects throughout the year.

Key roles within committee:

  • Website coordinator
  • Social media coordinator
  • Graphic designer


  • Works closely with the Exec to ensure that event and website strategies and appearance align with core values and strategies of GRS as a whole
  • Works with Registration during Jan/Feb
  • Works with Fundraising and Volunteer Recruitment during events
  • Works with outside media groups (e.g. CBC, CTV, Global, Star Phoenix…)
  • Works with key members of GRS to “prep” for media, or acts as a representative of GRS for media


Volunteer Committee

Purpose: To handle orientation, manage appreciation activities, and coordinate volunteers for recruitment activities. To manage volunteer administration, criminal record checks, communications (email), role assignment and honorarium delegation.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • Plans and coordinates appreciation and recruitment events throughout the year
  • Gathers information on volunteers, including satisfaction surveys
  • Determine and finalize how many volunteers are needed for camp weeks, and in which positions (Jan-May)
  • Coordinates camp volunteer sign-up and assigns positions (Jan-May)
  • Coordinates mandatory orientation sessions  (May/June)
  • Communicates with volunteers to advise of position assignment, deal with criminal record checks, advise of mandatory training, etc. (May/June)
  • Coordinates collection and storage of all paperwork and information involved with volunteer database, including storing sensitive information and preparing and collecting letters for criminal record checks and coordinating honorarium payment (Jan-July)

Peak periods: This committee is very busy from May until the beginning of camp (July). This committee is also busy when one-off events occur. Email is monitored on a regular basis, especially during key times (e.g. when the call for camp volunteers is placed, when positions are assigned, before the mandatory training session, etc.)

Key roles:

  •         Volunteer Liaison
  •         Event coordinator
  •         Camp Volunteer Scheduler


  • Works with Marketing and Communications to plan events
  • Works with volunteers to ensure that they are satisfied with their GRS experience
  • Works closely with Exec to ensure that proper protocols are being followed
  • Works with Programming to determine number and type of volunteers needed
  • Works with Program Director to transfer volunteer information and communication during camp weeks


Outreach Committee

Purpose: To be the face of the organization in the community and raise our organization’s profile. Making connections in the local community as well as the larger Girls Rock Alliance community to benefit the organization. To help ensure GRS is diverse and representative in its organizer, volunteer, and camper base.

General timeline and important tasks:

Peak periods:

Key roles:


  • Works with Marketing & Communications to ensure consistency in branding.
  • Works with Volunteer Committee in regards to recruitment.
  • Works with Fundraising in regards to event planning that accomplished both organization awareness and taking donations.


All Grown-Up Committee

Purpose: To organize and execute Girls Rock Camp All Grown Up. The All Grown Up camp is a two and half day version of Girls Rock Camp but for adults.

General timeline and important tasks: depends on the date of the camp. This year camp will be in March so the committee will start planning for workshops, gear, etc as soon as possible.

Peak periods: January (application period) February (finalizing of plans) March (camp)

Key roles: volunteer recruitment, applications, marketing, programming, gear

Collaborators: AGU draws on the knowledge from other committees but mostly functions as an autonomous group.


Executive Committee

Note: We are not recruiting for the Executive Committee at this time. During our 2016-17 year, GRS became an official not-for-profit organization registered with the Government of Saskatchewan. We are now transitioning to a board governance structure as required by our new status, and in the future the Committee will be replaced by a Board of Directors. During the transition period, the Executive Committee is responsible for the areas outlined below.

Purpose: To ensure the success of Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon (the organization’s core annual event) and the activities that support it. To manage GRS finances, and to guide and assist committees.

General timeline and important tasks:

  • Creating and monitoring the annual budget
  • Choosing dates for camp in consultation with core organizers
  • Securing a venue for camp and showcases each Fall
  • Ensuring committees are populated and operational by December
  • Hiring and training the camp director several months leading up to camp
  • Peak periods: Committee members can expect to meet very regularly throughout the year. Peak periods are October through July
  • Liaise with Girls Rock Saskatoon’s legal representation
  • Girls Rock Camp banking and accounting
  • Organizer recruitment and committee coordination
  • Responsible for insuring the activities of GRS
  • Planning events such as volunteer debriefs, volunteer orientations, and volunteer appreciation


  • Exec works closely with and is available to all other committees for guidance & assistance
  • Exec cultivates and nurtures various community partnerships