We’re hiring a camp director! Please read the job description below. If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to saskatoon.girlsrockcamp@gmail.com

Job Description Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon Camp Director
The Camp Director assists with planning and ensures the smooth delivery of all GRCS events and operations. Reporting to the GRS board of directors, this position works closely with GRS organizers and volunteers to draw all facets of camp together. The work is very flexible, except for camp weeks in July, where the Camp Director is expected to participate in all camp activities including daily set-up, camp, daily debriefs, and weekend showcases.

Pre-camp: Committee Networking

  • Learns about all aspects of camp by engaging with committee leaders to determine their needs (this might include sitting in on some committee meetings);
  • Attends the GRS board meeting on June 23 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm and the organizer meeting on June 27 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm;
  • Gives informed advice, makes suggestions, and connects committees and volunteers with each other when appropriate;
  • Reports foreseeable issues with committees to the Board to help committees stay on task and get work done at the correct time(s);
  • Understands relationships between GRCS and outside service providers (e.g. Long and McQuade, Mayfair United Church, RAIS, Broadway Theatre, etc.), including understanding their requirements of GRCS, and keeps copies of any agreements;
  • Acts as a liaison and point of contact for camper families, including working to ensure that campers plan to attend and have adequate transportation to camp;
  • Attends and assists with pre-camp orientation sessions (scheduled from 2:30 – 4:30 pm on July 7, & 2:30 – 4:30 pm on July 14);
  • Purchases supplies related to camp (e.g. office supplies, craft supplies, swag bags, etc); and
  • Coordinates printing of volunteer handouts, camper registrations, and camper swag bags.

Camp: Camp Director

    • Ensures that camp weeks and showcase concerts run smoothly, including:
    • Ensures the camp venue is set up and prepared prior to arrival of campers,
    • Ensures registration day runs smoothly, oversees daily camp activities, attends post-camp debriefs, and coordinates any one-off required evening duties
    • Acts as the point person for GRCS with the Broadway Theatre for showcase logistics, including ensuring showcase coordination, stage managers, MCs, gear coordinators, etc. are all on track;
    • Takes part in assemblies, maintains a consistent presence for campers;
    • Has a solid understanding of all aspects of camp, including camper population, dietary restrictions and allergy information on campers and volunteers, camp programming, gear logistics, volunteer roles and schedule, etc.;
    • Supervises volunteers, ensures volunteer schedules are available for viewing, assigns volunteers to different roles when necessary, and assists volunteers when necessary;
    • Coordinates gathering/borrowing extra equipment on “special” days (e.g. irons and blow dryers on t-shirt day);
    • Manages media requests;
    • Ensures cash and assets are stored and deposited properly;
    • Communicates with parents and caregivers when appropriate;
    • Troubleshoots unusual problems and requests; and
    • Liaises with outside service providers when required.

Post-camp: Wrap-Up

  • Assists organizers and volunteers with the coordination and clean-up immediately following camps;
  • Ensures that the camp venue is left clean according to service agreement;
    With Gear Coordinator, ensures that all gear is returned to Long and McQuade in good condition; and
  • Assists with processing payout to volunteers.


Other Duties
Keeps GRS board of directors informed of any urgent or unusual situations; and
Other duties as agreed upon between the GRS Board and the Camp Director.

Qualifications and Skills:
Candidates should have a minimum of completion of Grade 12, love music, and believe in the core values of GRS.
The Saskatoon Girls Rock Camp Director should have the following skill set: ability to set priorities and juggle multiple responsibilities; strong leadership skills; ability to focus and follow through on tasks to completion; strong computer skills; excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; ability to keep composure under pressure and in stressful situations; ability to work and liaise with children and adults, from diverse backgrounds, including those with strong personalities; ability to work independently and in a team environment; confidence to make decisions when appropriate; confidence to ask questions when appropriate.

Estimated hours of work: 160 hours averaged over 4 weeks

Remuneration: $2,400 (Fixed)